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Information about the 2005 ford mustang, including 2005 mustang pics, performance specs, projected horsepower and torque for the new 2005 mustang concept car.

2005 Mustang

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2005 Mustang Pics

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2005 Ford Mustang

2005 Ford Mustang Pictures

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On Sale: Summer 2004
Expected Pricing: $18,000 and up

A 40th birthday is usually a big deal, for people or for cars. As the Ford Mustang approaches middle age, Ford Motor Company will celebrate with special 40th anniversary trim packages on its 2004 models. Yet these amount to minor tweaks on the current Mustang, an effort to get a bit more marketing mileage before the Mustang as we've known it for the past 10 years fades into history. The next milestone comes a year later, when Ford introduces something really new: a Mustang that's redesigned from the wheel hubs up for model year 2005.

The 2005 Mustang's engines and transmissions will be upgraded across the board, but only the base 3.8L pushrod V6 will be replaced. The concept cars were shown with the 4.6-liter dual-overhead-cam supercharged V8 used in the 2003 SVT Cobra (the current ultimate Mustang), tuned to generate an impressive 400 horsepower. The GT features a six-speed manual transmission, while the Convertible has a five-speed automatic. Expect the same engine/transmission combinations in the most expensive next-generation Mustangs.

Below that, there will be two more variants of the 4.6-liter V8: single-overhead-cam with three valves per cylinder, and dual-cam with four valves per cylinder, both normally aspirated. Lesser Mustangs will have a five-speed manual or four-speed automatic. The new base engine will be a variant of Ford's current 3.0L overhead cam V6, now offered in the Taurus sedan, producing a little over 200 horsepower.

That is a big deal. Mustang might be the most recognizable name on any car made anywhere in the world, but this sporty coupe hasn't been completely overhauled since 1979. Indeed, Ford has started from scratch with the Mustang only three times since the original was launched in 1964. The next generation will retain the Mustang's familiar proportions and front-engine, rear-drive layout, updated with technology that brings the car more firmly into the 21st century. Yet Ford promises that it won't stray from a formula that still appeals to car buyers 40 years and eight million copies after the first Mustang was sold. The 2005 'stang will remain "fun, fast and affordable." Mustang created the category that came to be known as the pony car (for the horse on the Mustang's badge), and four decades later it again has the class to itself. Dozens of similarly conceived cars have come and gone, but when General Motors killed the Pontiac Firebird and Chevrolet Camaro in 2003, it left the market for rear-drive, sporty American coupes to the Mustang.

As Ford proceeds with an expensive redesign, Mustang's icon status becomes a double-edged sword. Those who buy V8-powered, performance-oriented versions of the current car are mostly males in their 30s and 40s. Most Mustangs sold today are six-cylinder models, often convertibles and mostly to women in their 40s and 50s. Either way, Mustang buyers are getting older, and therein lies the quandary. With the redesign, Ford needs to satisfy the aging Baby Boomers who have made the car so popular for so long. But it also hopes to spread Mustang's appeal, and perhaps restore its relevance with a younger crowd.
2005 mustang seats and interior

Most of what we know about the next-generation Mustang is based on two concept cars currently on the auto-show circuit. The Mustang GT and Convertible have been displayed at the 2003 Detroit, Los Angeles, and New York auto shows (where Ford also revealed its 2004 40th Anniversary Mustangs). The GT and Convertible show cars are very close to production trim, according to Ford insiders. Our sources tell us that, with a few exceptions, what we see in the concept cars is what we'll get in the 2005 Mustang.

The biggest exception is the seating arrangement. The Mustang GT and Convertible concepts are two-seaters, while the 2005 production car will retain the Mustang's familiar 2+2 seating, perhaps with a bit more room in back thanks to contemporary packaging. The 2005 Mustang concept is clearly retro in its design theme, smoothed with up-to-date styling and production techniques. The car was styled in Ford's Living Legend Studio, under the direction of design chief J. Mays. It's no accident that Mays more or less launched the retro styling trend. Volkswagen's New Beetle was created under his direction when he was working for Volkswagen.

The 2005 Mustang takes a host of styling cues from the 1964-72 models. It has the classic long hood and short rear deck, with recessed headlights, dual hood scoops and familiar, L-shaped scallops along the doors, ending in more vertical scoops in front of the rear wheel wells. The production convertible won't get the steeply raked windshield and low roll hoop seen on the Convertible concept; the coupe will likely get some variation of the smoked glass roof shown on the GT concept.


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